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Today I borrowed “my soul is joyful” and “swallows my smallness to magnify my awe” to create my poem about the power of joy and the word hallelujah.

Your Presence

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Today’s prompt came from Gae Polisner and Lori Landau. Write a collaboration poem using a line or phrase from another poet’s poem posted today. I chose the phrases: shafts of sunlight/just before fading from my friend Fran’s poem.



Ancestral Cry

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The prompt for February 12th was related to how harm and trauma inflicted on one person impacts generations. I wrote a nonet poem to thank my ancestors for hearing my cries.

We Who Cry

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The prompt for February 9th was to use Enya’s song “Only Time” for inspiration. I wrote a double Golden Shovel poem using these two lines: Who can say where the road goes/Who can say why your heart sighs.

We Who Cry

Who understands black agony? Who

can heal generational oppression? Who can

say our lives matter, but also say

why teach truth in schools? Where

your histories and lies combust like the

heart of our ancestors bloodshed on the road.

Sighs and cries wherever our blackness goes.

Golden Shovel and Zappai

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Today’s prompt for February 6th came from Mary Oliver’s message that creative work requires solitude. I selected a sentence from her article to use as my opening lines for a Golden Shovel poem. Then I decided to write 3 Zappai poems to complete the piece.


Time to Pivot

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The prompt for February 5th was about Geologic Time and looking at how time shows up in the land. I thought about how time shows up in our bodies.

Memory Dance

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Today’s prompt was from Theo Jansen’s wind-powered sculptures. They are made of plastic pipes and they move with the wind on the beach. If you’ve never seen this, take a look at this video.

April 2nd: A Bop Poem “No One Knows”

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No One Knows

No hot water anywhere in the school

And the soap we don’t bring ourselves

A diluted, suds-less, skin-drying potion

No red “stand here” circles or blue taped lines

To give little humans six feet of safe distancing

No way to believe in this “Safe Return to Schools”


No one knows what no one knows.


Families informed that their children will be safe

Teachers advised to get fully vaccinated

and work 15 extra hours to prepare for a safe return

Union agreed to place desks six feet apart

But desks were placed THREE feet apart in rooms packed for summer

Desk shields back-ordered for staff only

My school has no plan for before or after school care

And one grab-n-go meal will be a child’s only meal for six hours


No one knows what no one knows.


It’s not about learning loss when so many are gaining

It’s not about social skills if the silenced are now seen and heard

It’s not about students not receiving what they need

It’s about wanting to return to buildings

It’s about teaching and learning in storage spaces

It’s never been about valuing knowledge.


No one knows what no one knows.

It’s National Poetry Month!

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Prompt for April 1st: Rosamond S. King writes poetry using a form called “Shadow Poem.” This form asks you to write a shadow poem of a previously written poem. Today, I offered this prompt to my writers’ community. I suggested they write about shadows or try writing a new poem from one they’ve already written.

My poem below was originally written as an acrostic “ABUSEDWOMAN.” I divorced the form and found a shadow poem within that gives the original poem a deeper meaning.

In the Shadow of Abuse

After the Blood

dried Unseen by the world

She hid herself in pretty boxes 

and colorful Envelopes 

to give her dark Destruction 

a secret Way Out. 

Out from the Mirrors in her eyes 

showing silent Agony 

broken into Neat piles 

of suffering.