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Ancestral Cry

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The prompt for February 12th was related to how harm and trauma inflicted on one person impacts generations. I wrote a nonet poem to thank my ancestors for hearing my cries.

We Who Cry

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The prompt for February 9th was to use Enya’s song “Only Time” for inspiration. I wrote a double Golden Shovel poem using these two lines: Who can say where the road goes/Who can say why your heart sighs.

We Who Cry

Who understands black agony? Who

can heal generational oppression? Who can

say our lives matter, but also say

why teach truth in schools? Where

your histories and lies combust like the

heart of our ancestors bloodshed on the road.

Sighs and cries wherever our blackness goes.

Golden Shovel and Zappai

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Today’s prompt for February 6th came from Mary Oliver’s message that creative work requires solitude. I selected a sentence from her article to use as my opening lines for a Golden Shovel poem. Then I decided to write 3 Zappai poems to complete the piece.


Time to Pivot

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The prompt for February 5th was about Geologic Time and looking at how time shows up in the land. I thought about how time shows up in our bodies.

Memory Dance

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Today’s prompt was from Theo Jansen’s wind-powered sculptures. They are made of plastic pipes and they move with the wind on the beach. If you’ve never seen this, take a look at this video.


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Day 1 of 28 days of poetry for the month of February. The theme this month is TIME. Today, I used the model poem’s final words on each line as the opening lines of my poem.