Day 19 of The 30-Day Poem

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Day 19

white smoke

I’m giving myself a chance

to dance again

to smile

or cry

thawing frozen feelings

reviving dead emotions

I never meant to bury.

Finding my gift of happiness

where welts warped its golden shroud

bows untied

releasing quiet pleasures

once trapped and tangled

stifled in shame

hearing my own laughter

I’ll never be the same.

Holding my hands

in prayer

holding my breath

in fear

holding my own

in preparation

for the day when you

finally fly


In the spirit

of loving forgiveness

I always pray

because anger

begets blocks

to blessings

to peace

to freedom

And I refuse to be silenced



or trapped

behind the roars

of the


Somewhere between

love and time

I fell into


between tics

and tocks



the truth.

But as scripture says,

“The truth shall set you free,”

I also believe

that lies will keep you caged

and muddle

your life

in madness

in anxiety

in chaos.

The God who

loves me



uncage me


soothe me


His perfect peace

has never



and will not ever



Does my face


secrets you hoped

no one would ever


Or have I kept your

rusted anchors




genuine, honest, compassionate, kind, forgiving


should grow?

Being honest

with myself

permits me to accept

each time

your words cut

each time

my heart cried

each time

I believed

your lies

and knew some day

you’d see.

With open eyes

and clarity

my steps

leave prints

on new paths

toward destinations

no hesitation

no condemnation

no frustration

can impede

what is meant to be

for me.


I feel God in the driver’s seat

holding me under His wing

around every turn

every hill

up or down

Then there are those moments

when He seems silent

waiting for me

to take the wheel

and I know

He trusts me

when I drive.

Taking care of me

designing my future

painting pictures

in vibrant colors

writing poems

with high-definition


and looking in my eyes

without tears.

No more black-out years

no more financial fears

no more eggshells

to walk on

no more

denying me

for you.

I can’t be what I once was

I can’t become

who I’m destined to be

unless I replace

the life I can’t live

with one that

I can.

My new normal

embraces mornings

smiles in sunshine

heals after prayers

and tucks me in




I never knew

the power of preferred silence

meditating on the moment

listening to musical heartbeats

and sleeping soundly

in my own peaceful rhythms.

Waking to prayers of gratitude

Sparkles of dust

dance on morning sunbeams

reminding me of spirits

that moved

while I slept.

Hate when my dreams

still spit fire

because it means

my sanity sessions

remain mandatory

until I awaken

to white smoke.

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