April 2nd: A Bop Poem “No One Knows”

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No One Knows

No hot water anywhere in the school

And the soap we don’t bring ourselves

A diluted, suds-less, skin-drying potion

No red “stand here” circles or blue taped lines

To give little humans six feet of safe distancing

No way to believe in this “Safe Return to Schools”


No one knows what no one knows.


Families informed that their children will be safe

Teachers advised to get fully vaccinated

and work 15 extra hours to prepare for a safe return

Union agreed to place desks six feet apart

But desks were placed THREE feet apart in rooms packed for summer

Desk shields back-ordered for staff only

My school has no plan for before or after school care

And one grab-n-go meal will be a child’s only meal for six hours


No one knows what no one knows.


It’s not about learning loss when so many are gaining

It’s not about social skills if the silenced are now seen and heard

It’s not about students not receiving what they need

It’s about wanting to return to buildings

It’s about teaching and learning in storage spaces

It’s never been about valuing knowledge.


No one knows what no one knows.

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