What’s Not in my Social Media Algorithm

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Thanks to Kim for the prompt to write about special memories that are unphotographed.

What’s Not in My Social Media Algorithm

No profile pics

No reels

No IG stories


in 1973

when I was 10

or in 1979

for my sweet 16


in 1981

when I graduated

or in 1988

when my baby was born


No profile pics

of great grandma

or walking hand in hand

on Santa Monica’s sand


No reels

of us singing

happy 80th birthday

on June 21, 2014


No IG stories

when we watch

her take one last breath

on December 28, 2010


No profile pics

No reels

No IG stories


Just wishes of what could have been

and memories of what was


©Stacey L. Joy, November 21, 2022

2 thoughts on “What’s Not in my Social Media Algorithm

  1. Beautiful & Powerful. Often feel the same way in regards to our lives before social media. Since I chose to leave most of socmed some 3-4 years ago, I’ve now more memories untethered from digital realms and also more to forget. And over time that’s fine. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I appreciate time away from social media when I take breaks. I am immensely impressed that you’ve been off for almost 4 years. Wow!

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