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Hi! My name is Stacey Lorinn Joy. I have been a teacher for over 30 years, but I am also a writer who self-published in 2013. I have been writing since I was a child.  I remember spending summers writing in poetry journals, designing greeting cards, and creating love stories to entertain me and my best friends.

When I lost my mother in 2010 to cancer, I was devastated and the grief seemed insurmountable.  I attended a summer writing institute at UCLA and my healing began.  I wrote through my pain and began to see my writing as a gift I needed to share.  I believe you are not using your gift as a writer if you never share it.  Writing is a gift, and gifts are meant for giving.  I launched this blog in 2013 and it led to my first self-published book.

I have been teaching since I was in first grade.  I played school everyday and I was very strict and serious about my “work” as an aspiring teacher.  Today, I teach incredibly brilliant fifth graders.  As a product of LAUSD, I am honored to be a teacher in the same district.  Both of my parents taught in and retired from LAUSD.  I am a National Board Certified Teacher, a Los Angeles Unified School District Teacher of the Year, and a Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year.

I am a person who loves teaching, writing, and sharing my gifts.

4 thoughts on “About Me…Stacey Lorinn Joy, Writer and Educator

  1. So inspirational…you followed your path since childhood…you evolved and contributed to the world with a beautiful giving heart…that is truly inspirational. I love your work…Thank You.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to encounter my poetic world! Looking forward to meeting you and encountering your musical gifts!!

  2. Hello Ms. Joy,

    I am sure that you do not remember me, but you were my teacher in 4th grade a Normandie Ave Elementary.

    It’s great to see that you are still in education and changing the lives of students.

    1. Hi Lori,
      I need to see your face. I haven’t forgotten any of my students. Looking forward to reconnecting. I’ll send you another email with my non-business email account.

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