Memory Dance

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Today’s prompt was from Theo Jansen’s wind-powered sculptures. They are made of plastic pipes and they move with the wind on the beach. If you’ve never seen this, take a look at this video.


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Day 1 of 28 days of poetry for the month of February. The theme this month is TIME. Today, I used the model poem’s final words on each line as the opening lines of my poem. 

April 2nd: A Bop Poem “No One Knows”

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No One Knows

No hot water anywhere in the school

And the soap we don’t bring ourselves

A diluted, suds-less, skin-drying potion

No red “stand here” circles or blue taped lines

To give little humans six feet of safe distancing

No way to believe in this “Safe Return to Schools”


No one knows what no one knows.


Families informed that their children will be safe

Teachers advised to get fully vaccinated

and work 15 extra hours to prepare for a safe return

Union agreed to place desks six feet apart

But desks were placed THREE feet apart in rooms packed for summer

Desk shields back-ordered for staff only

My school has no plan for before or after school care

And one grab-n-go meal will be a child’s only meal for six hours


No one knows what no one knows.


It’s not about learning loss when so many are gaining

It’s not about social skills if the silenced are now seen and heard

It’s not about students not receiving what they need

It’s about wanting to return to buildings

It’s about teaching and learning in storage spaces

It’s never been about valuing knowledge.


No one knows what no one knows.

It’s National Poetry Month!

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Prompt for April 1st: Rosamond S. King writes poetry using a form called “Shadow Poem.” This form asks you to write a shadow poem of a previously written poem. Today, I offered this prompt to my writers’ community. I suggested they write about shadows or try writing a new poem from one they’ve already written.

My poem below was originally written as an acrostic “ABUSEDWOMAN.” I divorced the form and found a shadow poem within that gives the original poem a deeper meaning.

In the Shadow of Abuse

After the Blood

dried Unseen by the world

She hid herself in pretty boxes 

and colorful Envelopes 

to give her dark Destruction 

a secret Way Out. 

Out from the Mirrors in her eyes 

showing silent Agony 

broken into Neat piles 

of suffering.


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Today’s Prompt was a picture of a sculpture in the snowy woods. I focused on the slow process of death.



She begins transitioning

From life to death

The process creeps

Like a slow morphine drip


Sentences shorten

To phrases

Phrases to mumbles

Mumbles to silence


Movement loses fluidity

Like a toddler’s first steps

No muscles pulling and pushing

Only bruised flaccid flesh


Until lying in a bed is all

Her dying body can do

In silence and waiting

For her soul to rise, free.

Hands I Miss

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Today’s Prompt: What thoughts do you have about hands?

Hands I Miss

Zoom’s hand-raise feature

No substitute for dirty pink palms

For the bobbing up and down

In the middle of my lesson


Zoom’s hand-raise feature

Some use it sparingly, like salt

Others keep it up constantly

Like my pressure after lunch


Zoom’s hand-raise feature

No substitute for sweaty smudgy skin

Or the open hand in the camera

Or a sweet voice saying, “Ooo, ooo!!”

To the Beat of Unity

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Prompt: Write a poem about bodies dancing. I watched a clip of Gregory Hines from White Knights to inspire my poem. I used the form “abacadaba” also known as the Magic 9 poem.

To the Beat of Unity

Grooving to the same song inside

Arms and legs sync tight and smooth

One clap, one tap, glide

One sound, two bodies in love

Come, world let music be your guide

Reflecting each other in unison

Stomp out hate, the pulse of your pride

Let spirit rhythms heal and soothe

America, rise up, let’s dance outside

February’s Poetry Challenge!

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For the month of February, I participated in a challenge to write a poem each day related to the theme of Bodies. I am grateful to Laura Shovan for creating the space to write with other poets, be inspired by each other, and to be encouraged to write every day! For the sake of time, I will post my poems and a simple description of that day’s prompt.