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Black Skin

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Black Skin


Standing in the mirror where age confronts memory

Beauty hides deep within the stories of my skin


Sunscreens and night creams slathered with care

Melanin needs help to protect a woman’s brown skin


Finding shades of caramel without greens and yellows

In makeup never mixed for the depth of Black skin


Shea butter and coconut oil line her shelves

Natural soothing salves bear the moisture of Mama’s skin


Draped in hip-hugging dresses and snugging pants

Captivate eyes in the rhythm of sisters’ skin


Paintings on my wall call my ancestors in

Dripping their blue-black and coal-black African skin


Tender caresses to calm our silent grieving

Born from the resilience inside beaten skin


Pure cotton sheets cradle my worn tired soul

Where I sleep and remember God is

the skin I’m in.


How to Remove Stains (Part 2)

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Every stroke of the brush

and the roller

up and down repetitions

hour after hour

permanently covering what was

revealing the beauty of what is.

A cool shade of grey

calm shade of blue

no signs of stains streaking through.

Organizing years of chaos

final phases of renewal

unidentifiable junk

unattached cords

broken bulbs

solicitation mail

forgotten dreams



permanently stained


of my babies’ love


family facades


in boxes

in albums

in frames

some display-worthy

some not safe for home

some ripped

like the bond

covered like painted walls

poured into drains

like murky water.

Peaceful awakenings

warm greetings

restful nights