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Memories of Mondays

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My Grandmother, Patsy Ann McPherson

Memories of Mondays

On Monday’s Chili Night
We’d drive down the hill
From our house to Nana’s
For a delectable family dinner
And bellies brimming with love
Five long miles later
Her old wooden door ajar for air and us
Enough to let the spices pique
We knew
It was a two-bowl night
A two-tortillas-and-cheese-on-top night
Some added Tabasco and black pepper
Nana’s Chili, always just right to me
Scooting up close to the table
My chin parked on the doily mat
All that good stuff
Nana’s family spread
Her “good bowls and plates”
Rolled up napkins because she’s fancy
Punch bowl ladle we couldn’t touch
Because our hands were wreckless
Mommie and Nana side by side
My sister and I eye to eye
Stepdad and cousin head the table
We’d eat
And laugh and talk
Joke about what Nana forgot to make this time
The cornbread or the salad
We would serve up round two
We’d eat again
And laugh and talk
I’d watch and remember
And make Chili Beans on a Monday night
Thirty years later

Thai (Part 1) another poem from the Morena series

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Thai Take-Out.
Chilled Riesling.
Vanilla and Jasmine.
Sexy Songs.

My first dinner with Franco
at my place
Hesitant to wow him with my cooking
Insistent to fill him with my loving
He loves Thai
Serving a spicy sweet mix tonight
Skin caressed by silky smooth satin
My natural female scent
pheromones in his Thai appetizer
Our meal
Grilled chicken
Pad Thai noodles
Stir-fried mixed vegetables
TBD if we get that far
Table set
candlelight waving
as shadows paint the walls.

His ringtone jolts me into anxious excitement
Morena, I’m downstairs, let me in.
Pacing a few times
before pushing the buzzer
Heartbeat quickens
Checking my reflection once more
Before old becomes new
I’m smiling inside
He knocks like taps
I turn the knob
to open my space to him.

Franco, dressed so handsomely
a smiling stance
with flowers in one hand
the other extended
to reach mine
As he enters
he pulls me close
into his gentle kiss
My lips don’t part
taming my tongue
the night has just begun.

Leading him to the table
Set for two
I put the flowers
in a crystal vase
He watches every move I make
You are beautiful tonight, Morena
More beautiful than my memory of yesterday
I catch his molten smile
soothing like an elixir
warming my stomach inside out

I adorn the empty table
with delectable dishes
and give him the Riesling to open and pour
A toast to us and to tonight
We finally begin dinner
Nourishment a necessity
for what I have planned on Friday’s menu
Every savory bite prolonging
every unspoken emotion
Sensing his wanting
Confirming my own
I change the music
to quiet tones that won’t mask
my own tender moans.