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April 26th: “Borrowed Lines”

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Donnetta gave us the freedom to borrow a line/s from a poem to inspire our writing today. I have always enjoyed borrowing a line but I didn’t expect my line to come from a podcast this morning. To write my modified Golden Shovel, I borrowed “old limbs keep falling even when no wind stirs” from Helen Pruitt Wallace’s poem, To the Buyer of Our Old Home.

April 12th: A Golden Shovel Inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio

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Today, Anna challenged us to find a poet born the same month as our birth month. I veered away from a poet and chose Leonardo DiCaprio because we were both born on November 11th. I chose an 11-word quote of his and used it for my striking line of my Golden Shovel poem.

DiCaprio’s quote: “I need somebody to bring me back to who I am.”