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An Ode to Teaching and Learning Online

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Ode to Teaching and Learning Online


If teaching online

Could enrich young minds

I’d front line it

If Zoom morning meetings

Could beat in-person greetings

I’d co-sign it

If novel studies in G-Suite

Could light mind fires like Hot Seat

I’d design it

If blurry faces in gallery view

Could bring joy and love like hugs do

I’d refine it.

If “3 Quick Tips” in weekly office hours 

Could beat a teacher’s superpowers

I’d enshrine it.

If I’m forced into remote teaching

Could mean there’s no one I’m reaching?

I’d decline it!!

But if our lives aren’t worth saving

And the virus continues its graving

Retirement? Maybe I’ll find it.

“I Am” 30-Day Challenge #18

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I am committed to making a positive change in my classroom. I refuse to let three students take the fun out of my teaching or out of my other students’ learning. Great teaching and learning will kill the negative energy. Majority rules and so do I!