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Naked Reflections: Shamelessly Sensual Poetry

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On Saturday January 26th, my first book, Naked Reflections: Shamelessly Sensual Poetry, was published on Amazon. I am more than excited, elated, and thrilled.  It’s a new feeling, an emotion that must be closely related to Joylicious!

I credit my Naked Reflections blog where I spent countless hours writing and posting, creating 30 Day Writing Challenges to conquer, finding the right word for the right picture, and just enjoying my personal writing time.  I had so much fun!

If only I would have known a few years ago that I would embark on the self-publishing journey, then I would have probably done all this much sooner.  But this just goes to show how paralyzing fear can be when one is trying to accomplish a goal, and how much it can interfere with your success.  When my mother was still alive and well, she was waiting for me to publish my writing.  She was courageous in her fight against cancer, and here I was being bullied by my own mental bondage.

All I can say now is, there is no reason to fear stepping out to try something new.  The only fear now is if I let my momentum slow down.  I have to keep writing, keep my motivation to push through frustration, and feed my desire to publish more because it makes no sense to keep written treasures locked up in my computer.

Thank you for being faithful followers of my writing and for being supportive both near and far!

I love you all and pray for every desire of your hearts to come abundantly.

Visit Amazon to order your copy today!!


Day Thirty of Writing about a Picture for 30 Days!! Final Day of Challenge!

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Loving My Sister is Easy

This is the Final Day of Writing about a picture for 30 Days
It won’t be the last day I write
But it will be one of the most important
Marking the successful completion
of a challenge that I took
the first one ever
in writing

This day is dedicated to my sister, Pammie
I don’t take sister love for granted
the kind of love that my sister brings to me
is indescribable
The mere mention of the word “sister” 
sends emotions through my soul

Some sisters fight, argue, never speak
Rarely spend time together
Prefer to talk for a minute
than spend hours in each other’s company
But my sister and I are so close 
it’s almost disgusting
We live about 50 steps away from each other
Talk and text all day long
take vacations together
go shopping together
and worship the same sunshiny weather together

My sister is peaceful, gentle,
kind-hearted almost to a fault
Whereas I am the thunder, the force,
the defender of the clan
My sister laughs at all of my bad humor
While I laugh and shed tears
 over simple words 
that only the two of us find unbelievably funny

My sister always sees the good
when I detect only bad
She finds the right
When I swear it’s wrong
She praises whatever I do
And claims without me
She could never be

We both say that we could never go on
Without the other
but now we share
Living strength
since the loss of our mother
We give support
cry on each other’s shoulders
listen when no one else will
And give unconditional love
Free of judgment
void of expectations
knowing that regardless of whether we are 
or gone
Our lives were
almost as twins
Love like that

Day Twenty-nine of Writing about a Picture for 30 Days!

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Alter Ego

Each of us
 wonderfully made 
facets unfathomable
But do we all really embrace
every privilege
every moment
every possibility
of who we are

The other side
of you
Your alter ego
peeks out
creeps into your prayers
dangles untouched thoughts
disrupts normal
begs for recognition

But you stifle her
Push and shun
deny and reject
What if she really were
Not the alter
but the real

What if you were living
the alternative
instead of your true life
Take a risk
accept the subconscious
as instinctual knowledge
of what is 
into the fabric
of who you

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Day Twenty-eight of Writing about a Picture for 30 Days!

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(This poem was written during our Writer’s Anonymous session at Jane’s house.  The picture was taken from her dining room window)

I Give Permission

I read a poem this morning
It reminded me of me
Scenes oddly familiar
Infinite possibilities

I read a poem this morning
Sounded so much like us
Limitless bliss

I read a poem this morning
Poet knew my secrets
Understood deep issues
Revealed insecurities
Enveloped my inner-most conflicts
Written on the page
Never asked for permission
I reread it for certainty
Five times
How could this writer
Mirror soul fires
Reflect spirit wars
And burn meaning
Onto a cold page
Using a poet’s copyright
I give permission
I am
That poet 

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Day Twenty-seven of Writing about a Picture for 30 Days!

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How much longer
Do I have to wait
To feel this

Day Twenty-six of Writing about a Picture for 30 Days!

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A Garden of Weeds

What are the personality traits of weeds?
An amazing description:
Weeds are persistent and resilient
They steal light, water, and nutrients
They shelter insects and disease
Care must be taken to recognize them
When they are young
Because when they are small
regular cultivation 
will control them
But if you let them become “established”
getting rid of weeds
will be

My Garden of Weeds
thrives in front of my classroom
No one is responsible for it
The dry, hardened soil
welcomed us in September
After a summer of neglect and heat
A request, literally a plea
sent to parents who like to garden
who want to help
who would hope to see flowers blooming
In return
I got weeds
If I think of the characteristics of weeds
in comparison to children
I shiver with fear
Children are persistent and resilient
But without proper guidance and examples set for them
They can steal light
or even shroud their own
Without knowledge and opportunities
Children become shelters for the insects of ignorance
and the disease of malevolence
As parents and teachers
We have the sole responsibility
of controlling the possibility
of children becoming

Day Twenty-five of Writing about a Picture for 30 Days!

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Raspberry Lemon Drop

Oh, Raspberry Lemon Drop
so good to me
I love how you 
settle yourself first
tease me with your blushing
Expecting to blend in
Surrounded by the sugared-rim glass
A light sprinkle of mist touching my fingers
as I hold you so delicately
One quick kiss by
Grains of sweetness
before the burst
 of your luscious lemon cloud
introduces you
to my
So pleased to meet my
Raspberry Lemon Drop

Day Twenty-four of Writing about a Picture for 30 Days!

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Little Angel Girl
This angelic little girl
Sweetness down to her core
One that all would come to adore
She played the cello
Swam like a fish
Spoke Latin and perfect English
Not many today can say
their mom was the closest to perfection
that a mom could be
But that’s what Mommie was and still is to me

Day Twenty-three of Writing about a Picture for 30 Days!

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Divine Order

Looking at baby seagulls 
chase the waves
run away from the waves
and back again
over and over
reminded me of 
Divine Order

Everything isn’t 
But it is able 
to fall into
Divine Order

Why do these birds do the same thing
at the same time
every day
Why does my cat eat
run to her scratch pad
then hiccup
every day
Why is there
Divine Order

Is it to remind us
that we are not in control
that we are merely
an audience
for a grand performance
And the standing ovation
will come in the end
when we finally see
that there were no
simply the Leading Man
Divine Order

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Day Twenty-two of Writing about a Picture for 30 Days! Escape

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Sometimes we all need a quick escape
Even if it’s for a day
or merely an hour
There is no place more serene
than a perfect ocean scene
The sounds of waves crashing
children playing
joggers’ pitter-patter rhythms on pavement
My escape
Took me away on a sunny day
Warmth from the sun
Erased stress from my face
painting joy in its place
The coolest breeze chilled my skin
Eyes closed embracing tranquility within
My escape
put me on a sailboat
where music danced with the tide
while waves carried me away
and love
like a