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A Naani Poem

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Today’s prompt was to write a Naani poem. This form consists of four lines and can have 20-25 syllables. In honor of the recent passing of Dexter King, I wrote my Naani poem for him.


A Sevenling Poem for Juneteenth

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Leilya’s prompt was so much fun to explore. She asked us to try writing a sevenling poem. This form consists of two 3-lined stanzas (6 lines) that compare/contrast something, and the final and 7th line is the punchline, the summation or an unusual juxtaposition.

In honor of Juneteenth, I wrote this sevenling poem today.


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Today, Jennifer’s prompt was to write about the environment. I had flashbacks of my sister and me digging for hours at the beach, hoping to reach China. I remembered how clean the beach was when we were children. Now, our beaches are ruined by litter and toxic waste.

Here is a nonet in honor of a sweet childhood memory.

“What About Your Friends?”

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Today, Jessica prompted us to write about friendships. I have had the pleasure of being in friendship with my “sisterfriends” for 49 years. Marvin Gaye’s song, God is My Friend, inspired my poem along with memories of last week’s Girls Night. Here’s to my friends!

Pink Balloon

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The prompt for June 19th was to go on a Poetry Treasure Hunt. I came across this lone pink balloon and it inspired my poem.

All The Things Left Behind

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©Glenn Carstenns-Peters

All The Things Left Behind

We saw their mail
Piling on the table by the door
Like if it didn’t
Make it into the living room
It wouldn’t have life

We knew he couldn’t manage
Living in empty rooms
Where memories floated
On dust particles caught
On sun rays
That never touched his skin again

We waited for that day
Like waiting for the elevator light to blink
And doors opening
To pour people
All over us
Because the piles spoke
Behind gluey seals
On certified warnings
That people were coming
To lock the doors forever

They gave him two days
To pack 40 years
Without enough boxes
Or back strength
We called our crews
Our village of warriors
Who moved fast
With fury and frustration
Until every car and truck
Filled to capacity

They made sure we didn’t leave anything
Important behind
Like my mother’s jewelry and coins
Her letters from our father
Her photo albums of us, them
Her artwork, statues, and ashtrays
Crystal punch bowls and the abacus
From our father’s many faraway trips

But what about the cement handprint
And our initials in the backyard tree
And the hopscotch painting out back
And holiday boxes in the garage
And the smell of the Christmas tree
Or the burning embers
In the fireplace

What about the splashing sounds
From summers in the pool
Music playing in earbuds
While sunbathing and daydreaming
And all the poems I wrote
In notebooks
In the backs of binders
That hid from hands and hearts
Other than mine
All left behind.

© Stacey L. Joy