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Pieces of Peace #24: Transformed

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Living with the power

of peace

transforms from the inside out.

But suffering inside the fire

of a dragon

kills like cancer

that metastasizes

at the sound of a voice.





Pieces of Peace #23: It Wasn’t Me

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I used to have road rage


I have gotten out of my car


I used to have anger issues


I threw a burrito at someone I


My fists would automatically clench


My heart would regularly race


I thought I was sick


But it wasn’t me at


It was


Pieces of Peace #22

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A poem I wrote

ingited sadness

that punched me from the page.

Wanting to drop each salty memory

into flames

blot out blood-stained verses

and rip the syllables like sin.

I stared at a reflection

of the woman I once was

she looked away

I sighed

then apologized

for not saving her sooner.




Pieces of Peace #21

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Whenever I teach my students

how to write “Where I’m From” poems

I crave the past,

popsicles and Christmas tree flocking

falling on presents Mommie promised

I crave Nana’s baking

her back aching

and her cigarette scented hugs.

I peek into poetic memories

of young writers now college scholars

and I read.

I read Where I’m From poems

from 2002 and 2004

Precious people whose paths and mine


and tangled footprints in sand

eventually blew with wind and tears

back to my heart

where I protect the peace

in each piece I read.

I find my poem from 2008

When I was from making enchiladas

and summers in swimming pools

But I sense some missing peace

in my piece.

I don’t read that aloud

but it still shouts and makes my skin sweat.

Instead I listen

to what my class is writing

in a 15-minute warm-up.

Every voice is valued.

I praise one for its musical memories

Another for its vivid visuals of family traditions

But when I hear rich rhymes

and unexpected innocence

about loving frogs and butterflies

from the kid who never tries

I saw his light shining from trickster eyes.

I’m from never giving up

just keep writing

you’re on this one

and poems have power.







Pieces of Peace: When I Was 20

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When I was 20

I thought love and peace lasted forever

and hot chocolate

with whipped cream could cure

the common cold.

I thought other people’s kids were adorable

and being an adult meant having a salary.

I thought cooked vegetables were toxic

and waffles with butter

and drizzles of syrup

fit in 3 food groups.

I thought men protected women

and women who were strong

could rule the world anyway.

Now, I know better.

Strong women can rule the world.





Pieces of Peace #19: 7-Words Prompt Poem

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The seven words I used in my poem come from Prince’s song, Lady Cab Driver.  A 7-Word Prompt Poem is written in 7 lines, uses 7 words from any source, and the topic is your choice.

My 7 words: politicians, discrimination, isolation, confusion, creator, demon, mansion

Peace and Liberty

Awakening to confusion in the mansion of my mind

Threatening politicians with historic practices

Sickening discrimination against my creator’s plans

Enslaving isolation like mental oppression

Refusing to succumb to greedy demons

Rising above the ashes of a free nation

Protecting my liberty to be at peace with me




Pieces of Peace #18: Prince

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I wanna be your lover

Take me with you

Hot thing

Let’s go crazy


When doves cry

Call my name


Pieces of Peace in 17 Syllables: Haiku

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White flowers blossomed

a year after I started

planting peaceful seeds


Pieces of Peace: 16 Perspectives

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Peace from Her Perspective

  1. Meal cooked and table set
  2. Warm cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream on top
  3. Spa day with her girlfriends, the inner circle
  4. Big hugs from her children
  5. Bills paid on time
  6. He has not complained
  7. Feeling loved
  8. Feeling protected

Peace from His Perspective

  1. Meal cooked
  2. Warm cobbler with ice cream
  3. Spa day, her way
  4. Hugs from his children
  5. Bills paid on time
  6. She has not complained
  7. Loving her
  8. Protecting her

Peace = Accepting perspectives


Pieces of Peace #15: Anger Managed

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I remember anger

lived in my house

with fangs

dirty clawed fingers

squalid spirits

blood-shot windows

venomous kisses

ate acidic holes

into temporary peace.


I remember anger

packed with suitcases

and mildewy boxes

shoved into storage

with darkness

and silence.


I remember anger

distant enemy

weapons destroyed

battle lost

to peace.