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Keep it Real 2018

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Keep it real 2018

I have $18.23 in my bank account

I have donated more clothes than I’ve kept

Closet walls with unfaded paint remind me

I can’t acquire new things until God says so.


I drank a cup of coffee with too much sweet cream

I drank too much sangria and not enough water

I ate too many chips with dip

and my big pajamas feel small because they are.


I have spent two weeks watching crime shows

and eating cookies with too much sugar

and bread with too much butter

and too much wine on one-glass days.


But I am full, joyous, loved

I have gas in my car that I washed myself

I have electricity and access to unlimited distractions

and access to limitless encouragement

I can focus on everyone else and all they have

All they don’t want or don’t believe

Or I can focus on me

I choose to be happy

I choose to accept what is and feel the joy of it

Because change can come before this poem, this day, or this year is done

I choose now

Keep it real 2018.

Pieces of Peace #22

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A poem I wrote

ingited sadness

that punched me from the page.

Wanting to drop each salty memory

into flames

blot out blood-stained verses

and rip the syllables like sin.

I stared at a reflection

of the woman I once was

she looked away

I sighed

then apologized

for not saving her sooner.




Pieces of Peace: When I Was 20

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When I was 20

I thought love and peace lasted forever

and hot chocolate

with whipped cream could cure

the common cold.

I thought other people’s kids were adorable

and being an adult meant having a salary.

I thought cooked vegetables were toxic

and waffles with butter

and drizzles of syrup

fit in 3 food groups.

I thought men protected women

and women who were strong

could rule the world anyway.

Now, I know better.

Strong women can rule the world.





Pieces of Peace #19: 7-Words Prompt Poem

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The seven words I used in my poem come from Prince’s song, Lady Cab Driver.  A 7-Word Prompt Poem is written in 7 lines, uses 7 words from any source, and the topic is your choice.

My 7 words: politicians, discrimination, isolation, confusion, creator, demon, mansion

Peace and Liberty

Awakening to confusion in the mansion of my mind

Threatening politicians with historic practices

Sickening discrimination against my creator’s plans

Enslaving isolation like mental oppression

Refusing to succumb to greedy demons

Rising above the ashes of a free nation

Protecting my liberty to be at peace with me




Pieces of Peace #18: Prince

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I wanna be your lover

Take me with you

Hot thing

Let’s go crazy


When doves cry

Call my name


Pieces of Peace in 17 Syllables: Haiku

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White flowers blossomed

a year after I started

planting peaceful seeds


Pieces of Peace #15: Anger Managed

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I remember anger

lived in my house

with fangs

dirty clawed fingers

squalid spirits

blood-shot windows

venomous kisses

ate acidic holes

into temporary peace.


I remember anger

packed with suitcases

and mildewy boxes

shoved into storage

with darkness

and silence.


I remember anger

distant enemy

weapons destroyed

battle lost

to peace.



Pieces of Peace: 14 Words

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Peace List
















Pieces of Peace #13: Position of Power

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Pastor Joel Osteen said, “Peace is our position of power. Make the decision to release those offenses and disappointments so you live in peace and move forward in power.”

In position

I released

hurtful words




I released

the past

my mistakes

my choices

I released





I released

my thoughts

of bondage

or fear

I received peace

and moved forward

in power.




Pieces of Peace #11: A Peaceful Struggle

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one child chooses to look at porn

other children snitch

another child coughs up mucus

too close to my face.

one child cheats on his assignment

other children rush carelessly through

another child uses the “b word”

lies to my face.

one child requests me on Instagram

other children follow him

another child’s eyes shine in shock

from the look on my face.

where was my peace today?

porn was not watched on my watch

the mucus never touched my face

the children who rushed, asked to start over

and I never heard the “b word”

but I did hear, “God bless you”

after all 28 snotty, disgusting sneezes.