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To the Beat of Unity

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Prompt: Write a poem about bodies dancing. I watched a clip of Gregory Hines from White Knights to inspire my poem. I used the form “abacadaba” also known as the Magic 9 poem.

To the Beat of Unity

Grooving to the same song inside

Arms and legs sync tight and smooth

One clap, one tap, glide

One sound, two bodies in love

Come, world let music be your guide

Reflecting each other in unison

Stomp out hate, the pulse of your pride

Let spirit rhythms heal and soothe

America, rise up, let’s dance outside

Her Haiku Healing: A 40-Day Spiritual and Emotional Journey, Day 16

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Day 16: Fear

You can’t say sorry

Man incognito

Pride before us all

Hide or Die

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Hide or Die

His father wanted 
the tough guy
ball player
dating the prettiest girls
who wore dresses
long hair
lip gloss
modest heels
high grades
homecoming dances
extravagant proms
lettermen jackets
He put on the act
wore the costumes
earned honors
until he decided to stop hiding
Hide or die
Hide or die
Hide or die
Eye to eye
Father to son
“Dad, I’m not who you think I am.
I can’t hide anymore.”
Eye to eye
Hide or die
Hide or die
“I know, son.  
I was waiting for you 
to be a real man
and stop hiding.
Be yourself. 
I love you.”
Eye to eye
No more hiding.
Eyes never lie.

Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 7