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It’s National Poetry Month!

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Prompt for April 1st: Rosamond S. King writes poetry using a form called “Shadow Poem.” This form asks you to write a shadow poem of a previously written poem. Today, I offered this prompt to my writers’ community. I suggested they write about shadows or try writing a new poem from one they’ve already written.

My poem below was originally written as an acrostic “ABUSEDWOMAN.” I divorced the form and found a shadow poem within that gives the original poem a deeper meaning.

In the Shadow of Abuse

After the Blood

dried Unseen by the world

She hid herself in pretty boxes 

and colorful Envelopes 

to give her dark Destruction 

a secret Way Out. 

Out from the Mirrors in her eyes 

showing silent Agony 

broken into Neat piles 

of suffering.

Erotic Shadows

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Let’s make love

An hour before twilight

With the window shades open

When the sun leaves its last glow

Fleetingly reaching between aged pines.


Let’s make the kind of love

That paints erotic shadows on walls

Burning images like brands

And swallowing imprints like sand

Forever linking me to you

When our lovers’ legs intertwine.


Let’s make saxophonic love

Riding a slow rhythm

Holding deep bass

Peeking on altos at sunset

Orally fixating and

Creating powerful vocals

Blazing new singing shadows

Behind candle light.


Let’s make midnight love shadows

That won’t reveal themselves

Until dawn

When you scoop me

Into the spoon

Of your sleeping body

And my kisses awaken you

Bringing to life your slumbering strength.


I will open my quiet darkness

to you

Where the shadows on sunrise

flow in conscious vibrato

Until they fall flat

Under a highway’s mirage

Where our souls dance on fire.