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In the Song of Wind Chimes

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You find the oddest times to hack into my mind

clicking keyboard

searching for a perfect word

the one with melodic beats

that will open my poem box

sealed inside sacred palms.

But instead you go viral

and nothing makes sense

while everything is crazy

and my poem is never written

yet I hear every note

in the song of wind chimes.






Her Haiku Healing: A 40-Day Spiritual and Emotional Journey, Day 2

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Thank you, Dr. Angelou. I cried when I realized the caged bird that I’ve been.

Day 2: Fly

Caged bird with oiled wings

Stifled song, lumbered flutters

Awaiting freedom


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Opening myself to your poem

Willing to flow with your rhymes

And fixate on your tones

The last time I fell in love

The lyrics sang like a blues song.

Does your love story

Live happily ever after

Will the audience give us

An ovation and shouts for an encore

Because the last time I fell in love

I stood alone

No encore

No sequel

No cast.

If I let you read me

Promise to turn the pages gently

Use your heart as my bookmark

Skim some sections

Study those in between

Sound out my syllables

Let them live on your tongue

Rest on your lips

And then create a love scene

Too passionate to be played

On my pages.



My Sister’s Song

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me and pammie


I had the dimpled cheeks

But I dreamed of being just like my sister

Who admired me

She who brought me sunshine on smiles

Thick hair haloed her angelic face

If you don’t have a loving relationship

What you have is worthless

We are tighter than shoestring knots

“Stop saying what I was thinking,” she whined

She sees Mommie now, mirrored reflections

I walk her journey on legs that cross generations

“Ohhh, I’m so proud of you,” Mommie beamed


Isn’t it incredible how we both became so much like her

Isn’t it incredible that we know truths she never shared

Isn’t it incredible that she knew we would always have each other

Isn’t it incredible that we now hold memories

In safe places like

Within the wrinkles adorning our hands

In the curl of our smiles

In golden nail polish

And in bubbles bouncing through fluted spirits


Tears may still spring out of nowhere

And  hurt runs deep like an oak tree’s roots

But our mother’s love is deeper

It’s the sound of my sister’s song

I see and hear Mommie in her

I believe I gained two for the loss of one

I’m not afraid anymore

Of the loneliness

That grief brought

Because as soon as I think I may be alone

In darkness

Or sadness

Or in the ache of not hearing her voice

I remember that I have my sister

My root holding me steady

My blossoms coloring my face

My song in the wind

Carrying me always.





Little Love Note

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Let me fall into your love song

Hear your symphony

Ride with your rhythm

I need to be the color on your canvas

Glow-in-the-dark shades

Stroking your masterpiece

Fold me between you and your shirt

Keep me safe inside your pocket

Where I can hear your heartbeat

Where I know your skin is close

And I can still feel the sunshine

On the other side.


Stash me in your private collection

Sneak peeks at me through the day

Take me with each footstep

Kiss me with every word

And I promise to be

Wherever you are