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Black Skin

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Black Skin


Standing in the mirror where age confronts memory

Beauty hides deep within the stories of my skin


Sunscreens and night creams slathered with care

Melanin needs help to protect a woman’s brown skin


Finding shades of caramel without greens and yellows

In makeup never mixed for the depth of Black skin


Shea butter and coconut oil line her shelves

Natural soothing salves bear the moisture of Mama’s skin


Draped in hip-hugging dresses and snugging pants

Captivate eyes in the rhythm of sisters’ skin


Paintings on my wall call my ancestors in

Dripping their blue-black and coal-black African skin


Tender caresses to calm our silent grieving

Born from the resilience inside beaten skin


Pure cotton sheets cradle my worn tired soul

Where I sleep and remember God is

the skin I’m in.


What I Want Is… (Day 6: Object Poem)

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Today’s Prompt: Choose an object to focus on and write a list describing it. Then compose a poem without using any words from that list. My object that I focused on and wrote about was Rain.


What I Want Is…


What I want is

To play in puddles


To kick and splash

Their bootless feet


To call five names

For running ahead of the group


What I want is

An umbrella for the world


To take shelter

Not in place


But in memories of this sacred space

Warm blankets to cover


People who sleep on the streets

With nothing to dry their freezing feet


What I want is

God to cleanse the earth


Wash away sickness

And nourish souls and soil


So sunshine can soothe

And seeds can sprout tall


And proud like my students

Who will lock arms and splash each other again.

How to Delete Cookies

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I have swept






my surroundings.

But I need to delete

some cookies

some traces

some crumbs

left behind


of me.

No more compromising

my safety

my security

my privacy


No more tracking

my friends

my family

my functions


No more navigating with cookies

accumulating in my soul’s cache

hogging my memory

slowing my processing


I will browse


clear history

without automated fillers

no exceptions

no extensions

with protection

firewalling my sanity

I will leave my windows




How to Remove Stains (Part 2)

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Every stroke of the brush

and the roller

up and down repetitions

hour after hour

permanently covering what was

revealing the beauty of what is.

A cool shade of grey

calm shade of blue

no signs of stains streaking through.

Organizing years of chaos

final phases of renewal

unidentifiable junk

unattached cords

broken bulbs

solicitation mail

forgotten dreams



permanently stained


of my babies’ love


family facades


in boxes

in albums

in frames

some display-worthy

some not safe for home

some ripped

like the bond

covered like painted walls

poured into drains

like murky water.

Peaceful awakenings

warm greetings

restful nights











Tanka #9 Soul Shades

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the color of paint

attaches to memories

stains the soul’s canvas

until a new artist strokes

tints and shades of beautiful

Hope Blowing

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clouds ans sun

Sometimes I walk atop clouds

Where the sun touches me

Outstretched like angel’s wings

Warming my soul

A loving inferno

Sometimes I sift through clouds

Dousing fires within me

That possess the power to burn through

And melt my inner darkness

Sometimes, as faith can move mountains

To let true life shine

Hope just blows me away



Soul Glide

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spirit dance image

Her feet walked familiar ground


Sometimes trudging

Crushing gravel

Salt in her wounds

Some days slipping

Risking falling

Through cracked ice sheets

Mirroring chilly depths


One day she decided to dance

A new beat

Strummed on her hand

Music they both heard

Killing her softly

Changing her two-step



Kissing in Calypso rhythm


A blue night

Breathed its sweetest air

Through the flow of her dress

Parachuting their hearts

Holding hands

Whispering wows on the journey up

Smiling from inside out


“I just wanna love you.”

Their feet never again touched

The ground.

She Who Shields

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heart mosaic

The quiet, gentle man who

accepted her past with care

and took none of her present for granted

Took a chance on love


Who listened without pause

and tugged at tangled heart strings

Until she found comfort in his hold


Who promised he would wait

Who said time would heal

Wounds she whispered through her shield

Doesn’t want to lose again


His words were laced in lilac

Whose thoughts simmered on warmth

Who fell in love with her shattered pieces

is patient like dusty shoes


Who secured a cozy corner

Between soul and desire

Reserved and protected

for the day when flowers dance with wind chimes


Whose hand touched hers

Whose eyes locked in 20-20

Whose affection could mend

shards into her mosaic masterpiece


If only for a moment

She would trust his intentions

and return them without strings attached

not spiked with doubt


Could he who loves

be loved too?


(This poem was inspired by Sandra Cisneros’ poem “Abuelito Who”)

Wounded Woman

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peaceful scene

Healing begins

on my naked

spiritual wounds

with a tenuous band-aid

and unwavering faith

that I am whole again.

Knowing even the smallest peel

of the plastic

around the pain

can unleash volcanic

soul eruptions



misdirected blame.

But the woman responds

not the little girl

to claim wholeness



and watch faith

place a permanent seal

over spiritual scars

that sometimes

bleed silently.


Soul Sync

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Visions of us
Like instant replays on my private channel
the channel that plays our song
The channel that broadcasts our laughter
The channel that is rated “X”
For ecstasy
For extreme
For exclamations
Of our intensity
The unexpected
Way that we land
In each other’s embrace
As puzzle pieces so
Perfectly click in place 
The way we soul sync
Eyes lock
Lips to nose
Nose to lips
The way you pull my hips
Visions of us
In loud lust
Silent sorrow
Muting maybes
Chancing tomorrows
For clear visions of us.
Inspire Me for 30 Days, Day 16