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Tanka #23: Vacant Spaces

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Born in ’34

passed away in twenty ten

at 3:28

empty house and spirit gone

but always knowing you’re here

Tanka #22 Free Fall

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I jumped off the cliff

assured to land in blue sea

weightless carefree fall

on God’s wings no harm can come

grass kissed my toes welcome home

Tanka #21 Dead-End Dream

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Memories that hurt

need to be dropped in cement

as it pours and dries

Or injected in road kill

dead flesh I would drive over

Tanka #20 Emerge

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Awakening from new dreams

old hallway sunshine drawings

light smothers darkness

fearlessly opening doors

where nightmares buried themselves


Tanka #19 Rest in Pieces

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In memoriam

living and breeding poison

in memoriam

tip-toeing on blood stained glass

buried abuse masked as love

Tanka #18 Let Go

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remember balled fists

hold negative energy

dark, heart-eating worms

crawl free when my wounded palms

open and release in love

Tanka #17 Believe

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One day I stalked me

hid behind facades and fronts

whispered between lies

I’m more than a conqueror

who can do all things through Christ

Tanka #15 Gloria

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I miss my mother

fix-it and handle-it ways

centrifugal force

for all that was good and right

blossomed through her being

Tanka #14 Spoken Silence

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my silence is loud

words and wisdom battling

first place on my tongue

syllables spill with each sigh

knowledge dies with each swallow



Tanka #13 Perspectives

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fight or flight syndrome

rapid heart beat, mind racing

one last mental blow

moments before my wings spread

bird’s eye view of real sickness