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The Writing is on the Wall: Beautiful Blood

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She knew it was his sickness

But she held it as their secret

No one saw the worms of deceit

Because she painted perfect pictures

On a beautiful bloody canvas



Naked Reflections: Shamelessly Sensual Poetry

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On Saturday January 26th, my first book, Naked Reflections: Shamelessly Sensual Poetry, was published on Amazon. I am more than excited, elated, and thrilled.  It’s a new feeling, an emotion that must be closely related to Joylicious!

I credit my Naked Reflections blog where I spent countless hours writing and posting, creating 30 Day Writing Challenges to conquer, finding the right word for the right picture, and just enjoying my personal writing time.  I had so much fun!

If only I would have known a few years ago that I would embark on the self-publishing journey, then I would have probably done all this much sooner.  But this just goes to show how paralyzing fear can be when one is trying to accomplish a goal, and how much it can interfere with your success.  When my mother was still alive and well, she was waiting for me to publish my writing.  She was courageous in her fight against cancer, and here I was being bullied by my own mental bondage.

All I can say now is, there is no reason to fear stepping out to try something new.  The only fear now is if I let my momentum slow down.  I have to keep writing, keep my motivation to push through frustration, and feed my desire to publish more because it makes no sense to keep written treasures locked up in my computer.

Thank you for being faithful followers of my writing and for being supportive both near and far!

I love you all and pray for every desire of your hearts to come abundantly.

Visit Amazon to order your copy today!!


Encore: Writing about a Word/Picture: SULTRY

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I feel it in my soul
Deep down to my core
It leaks through each pore
Until I can hardly take any more

You look into my eyes
Touching my heart through
Everything you love to do
Giving me all of you

On a sultry night
I crave you
like the cool side of
the pillow
On a chilly day
I lean into you
Letting your passion ignite
my skin
making me sultry
and free to love you
over and over

Writing About a Word for 30 Days and it’s Day 30, The Final Day: FIRE

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Wordle: fire


The fire of God, all-consuming

Fire along the Middle Passage 
where Africans were tossed and discarded
Fire in a warrior mother’s eyes singed life from her child who would be disregarded
Fire in the loins of masters destroying the innocence 
of black cherry Queens and Princesses
Fire bombing southern churches of faith and righteousness

Fire the bullets that kill but claim to be stray
Fire the man who worked harder and needed to stay
Fire the woman who refused to be touched by men so cruel
Fire swallowing life on the hills as an arsonist’s orgasmic fuel

Fire coursing through cancerous veins
Fire burning the eyes of a child in pain
Fire scorching truth in betrayed love
Fire in my eyes when I search the heavens above

But the fire that burns in my soul
breathes light into my mind brighter than coal
Fire flickers words like a candle to the page
and births inspiration to this poetic sage

Thankful for the fire
The all-consuming fire of God
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Writing About a Word for 30 Days and it’s Day 29: DRUM

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Wordle: drum


Not just any drum
You West African Drum
rhythmically pulsating
beat of the land
inciting passion
ceremonial dancing
sending messages
through vibrations
Griots telling stories
through power in your skin
Tell my story
As my heart beats to your bass
Allow me real poetic freedom
You give life to my words
and courage to not rhyme
painting a beautiful story
on the canvas behind the hands
through your tunneled art
I speak
I dance
I live

Writing About a Word for 30 Days and it’s Day 28: VIRTUE

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Wordle: virtue


My virtue
Displayed in a shadow box
upon a silken cloth
behind bubble-like glass
and respected 

Behind the bubble-like glass
my virtue
guides decisions
misleads intentions
reflects morals
directs consciousness

My virtue
sometimes opposes
and peeks through
cracks in the bubble-like glass
to linger 
in lust

Battling its way back
through a pin hole
in the bubble-like glass
into the shadow box
to rest upon
a silken cloth
that eventually
wears holes
as a worn rag
that has grown tired 
from wiping
senseless burdens

Writing About a Word for 30 Days and it’s Day 27: AUTOCORRECT

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Wordle: autocorrect


If I could autocorrect aloud like technology autocorrects silently
I would tell you that there is no such word as “snuck”
I would tell you that “orientate” reveals your confusion
I would respond to your status updates with “rough draft, please revise”
When you misspell a name on Facebook,
I would autocorrect it and unfriend you

I would ask you if you were intentionally saying “I”
when you should have used “me”
And give you the autocorrection for her not “she”
Autocorrect assumes you don’t know
that’s why it’s AUTO…but auto implies SELF
and your SELF doesn’t correct

I would autocorrect your misuse of “your” and your never use of “you’re”
I would tell you that “supposably” is opposable and nonexistent
And you’re not showing your knowledge at all
I would ask you if “then” equals “than”
Or did you intend to compare a transition in time

Before I sleep each night
I would turn off my autocorrect
allowing myself to dream of an automatically correct world
and awaken to a clear mind at the dawn of a new morning

Writing About a Word for 30 Days and it’s Day 26: CHOICES

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Wordle: choices


If I choose darkness
I am judged by the light
If I choose black
I disrespect white
If I choose negative
I am killing positive
If I choose chocolate
I am anti-vanilla
If I choose God
I repel Satan

If I choose the Light
I am judged in darkness
If I choose white
I am a sell-out Black
If I choose positive
I conquer negative
If I choose vanilla
I crave chocolate

If I choose what’s best
I choose me

Writing About a Word for 30 Days and it’s Day 25: OREOS

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Wordle: oreos


Oreo Cookies
a lifetime favorite
pull the chocolate cookies apart
Inspect the cream
Some eat it first
scrape it with your bottom teeth

Some share the cream
with each cookie

lick it ’til it’s gone
I gently shove 
the creamy filling off
Flakes of white cream 
on my napkin
Dipping the cookie in milk
watching the sog 
settle at the bottom 
of my glass
awaiting the final drink
of milk flavored with 
cookie bits